Our Advantage: Autonomy

We have the expertise of a first-tier auction house, but our core business is providing art intelligence, not seeking consignments.

With this independence, we can provide confidential advice that is wholly aligned with furthering our client’s interests and passions.


Our Inspiration: Ancient Pergamon

The birth of the art museum

Pergamon was an Ancient Greek city-state that housed what is widely regarded as the world’s first art museum, designed for the public display of the private art collections of the Attalid dynasty.

The font of art collecting

The Pergamon kings are also viewed as history’s earliest recorded art collectors, being the first to purchase ‘Old Masters’ from earlier Greek cultures, as well as commissioning contemporary works for aesthetic display.

The emergence of art history

The community of scholars housed at Pergamon was among the first to compose reflections on historic art practices as a unique activity worthy of cultural reflection.

Our Mission: Pergamon Today

In celebration of the original flourishing of these three cornerstone traditions in our culture— the art museum, art collecting and art history— Pergamon Art Group seeks to support the growth of these pursuits in the present day.

We encourage private clients to collect with an eye toward the broad sweep of art history, and to support cultural institutions which share their passion.

We thus facilitate a virtuous cycle between the museum, private client and appraiser communities, expanding transactional, educational and philanthropic benefits between them.